Rekindle your home Connection Using the Home Mobile Signal Booster

Rekindle your home Connection Using the Home Mobile Signal Booster

If you ask me, my home is my comfort zone, my safe heaven. I believe it is the same for you; your go-to place. So picture this: The place that you spend most of your free time, the place you sleep, the place you call home is disconnected. It does not get worse than that folks, or does it? Never underestimate the importance of a good connection at home. Let us take a small detour, let us try and see whether it is all so important to have 5 bars from the comfort of your room.

The Woes

Sunday afternoon; not just any other Sunday, but the super-Sunday. The game is on; your favorite team is in action against their fearsome rivals. This time you decided to watch it from the comfort of your couch at home. Then you get hungry, you need food and maybe a six-pack, and there is no way you are cooking when you should be watching the game. What do you do? Order some food for sure. However, when you pick up your phone to place your order, zero bars. I guess you are watching the game on an empty stomach!

Scenario 2: You are in your house, having a good time of the hassle and bustle of the rest of the world. Out of the blue, your expectant wife goes into labor, a few days earlier than expected. You pick up your phone to call for medical assistance but your phone can not pick up any signal. What do you do then?

Most if not all of us have to keep checking on our loved ones and friends from all over the world. Which better place to do it than from the comfort of your home? However, many people, at some point, have had to leave the house to make that all so crucial phone call. Therefore it goes without saying that having a strong mobile connection is very essential.

What to do?

However, most people (1 in every 4) are experiencing poor mobile phone signal in their homes. They are seated in the comfort of their homes, but it is not all so comfortable without any reception. The big question remains, is there a way I can ensure that I have 5 strong signal bars on my phone at home? How can I boost my mobile signal at home? Where can I find a device that will boost my cell phone signal at home? Well, you are in luck because there actually is.  Today, I will take you through the best way to increase your mobile signal strength at home. It is very easy if you ask me. Ready? Let us dive in!

The home mobile network booster

The answer to all your questions lies with this single device, the home mobile network booster, or better known as the home mobile signal repeater. This device ensures a constant 5 bar signal in your home 24/7. How does it work? What makes it tick? How many mobile phones can it serve? Where do I get one? How do I install it?

Setting it up

No one knows your house better than you do and this plays a major role in setting it up. The major factors that determine the cell reception in your house are:

  • Material of the wall
  • Topography of the surrounding
  • Nearness to a cell tower

You should know the point in your house where the signal is strongest. Once you have marked this spot, you are ready to install. Next up is the installation part. The home mobile signal repeater is usually mounted on a window, ceiling, wall or the roof, just as you do with the satellite TV or antenna. It is more like having your very own cell tower, just simpler to install and easier to handle. Others in store for you do not need to be mounted at all, just set it up and place them where you need them. These are the portable kind. All you need is a signal, however weak it may be, for the repeater to take it and boost it.

Perfect fit?

Most people worry about whether the booster will fit into the interior design of the house or it would stand out and be ugly. However, worry you not. All of our home mobile signal boosters have a sleek design, looking compact and stylish. They will fit right into your house. Think of them as the one thing that your house has been missing.

Which is the best fit for my house? You may be wondering. Depending on the size of your house and the number of mobile phones in the house, you might require different types of mobile signal boosters for your home. The home mobile signal boosters can boost signal for up to 300 m2 or even more. The issue of whether they boost voice or call is quite simple, both are catered for. Well, at times your phone has a problem of connecting to a particular band. This should not be a problem since some of our very own mobile signal boosters are equipped with the tech that can troubleshoot and help isolate that specific band that your phone has problems connecting to. You can find more information on dealing with poor phone reception and mobile signal boosters in our comprehensive guide.

Grab yourself one

After going through this post, what are you still waiting for? Go and get your very own to fit your demands. Now you only have yourself to blame if you encounter any problems with your mobile signal. It is time to get your home connected, don’t you think?

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