Do you know how to boost Your Mobile Phone Signal? Read on and find out!

Do you know how to boost Your Mobile Phone Signal? Read on and find out!

What if I told you that close to 26% of the entire UK population have fallen victim of poor mobile phone signal? Would you believe it? That translates to around 17 million people, and maybe you have been part of this 17 million at one point or the other. Actually, chances are, you are part of it!
I have personally been a victim of poor mobile phone reception. However, as with awful experiences, it always happens at the worst time possible. I once was doing an oral interview over the phone. A very important phone call if you ask me. It was at that very moment when the interviewer was right in it when my phone lost its signal. Attempts to re-establish connection proved futile. It goes without saying that I lost the job.

The world disconnected!

Maybe to you, this is a small problem compared to the woes caused to you by poor connection. The effects can be detrimental! Let us delve into this 17 million. Is it just a figure? I think not. If you are not a direct victim of poor mobile phone signal, you must have been affected one way or the other. Be it our mates upcountry we need to keep in touch with, or our folk we desperately to know how well they are doing, the importance of a good signal should never be underestimated.
Good cell reception has saved lives and continues to save lives the world over. Picture this: Warzone. Your life lies in the balance, you need to make a phone call, a phone call that will save your life. Need I emphasize the importance of a strong mobile signal? I think not!
Maybe you are driving in the wee hours of the night, in a place unfamiliar. The worst comes to the worst, your vehicle breaks down and need arises to place out a call. A glance at your phone reveals poor or no signal at all! What are you left to do? Worse still, you were in a rush to get someone to the hospital.

Science to the Rescue

Since one in every four people is a direct victim, everyone is affected. Therefore, efforts have been made and are being made to put this problem down once and for all. What are the efforts? Which is the best way to put this problem to an end? These questions might have crossed your mind at some point in time. Well, this article is just for you. Over time, developers have come up with a number of ways to boost mobile phone signal. Take a walk with me as I walk you through the best solution yet, the mobile phone signal boosters or mobile phone repeaters. These devices have revolutionized connectivity and the mobile industry at large, providing the ultimate solution to your connectivity problems.
Believe you me, when you are done reading this article, you will be equipped with the know-how on tackling this problem. Be ready to kiss poor connectivity goodbye once and for all. Ready? If yes, let’s delve into how to boost mobile phone signal.

How to boost Mobile Phone Signal

Mobile Signal Boosters

What are mobile phone signal boosters? You may ask. Worry not, because you are about to find out. These are devices developed for the sole purpose of increasing mobile phone reception. They can work to boost signals of one phone to a number of phones depending on their size and strength. People all over the globe have discovered this device and installed them in a variety of places ranging from offices and apartment buildings to hospitals and cafeterias.
Next up; how do these devices work? Well, like cogs in a machine, mobile phone signal boosters are made up of a number of devices that work hand in hand to ensure that your cell signal is as strong as it should be. These are:

  • A reception antenna
  • Signal amplifier
  • Rebroadcasting antenna

The signal is now strong; it needs to be made available for your phone to detect. This is where the rebroadcasting antenna comes in. This is your miniature cell tower. It broadcasts the strong signal to your phone. And just like that, 5 bars on your phone!  Learn more on mobile boosters and effective solutions to enhance your mobile network coverage.

Voice or Data?

You might be wondering whether the booster boosts both voice and data signal. Well, the best answer to that is, yes they do. However, it depends on the repeater model. While some just boost voice signals, most amplify both voice and data signals. More so, they are able to boost signals of more than one service providers, therefore, you do not have to worry which network you are on.

In the words of Dave Eggers: ‘’The peculiar problem of constant connectivity is that any silence of more than a few hours provokes apocalyptic thoughts’’, staying connected could not be any m ore important. With the mobile phone boosters, you will not have to worry about being disconnected at any point. I don’t think anyone should, at any point in time, be disconnected. If so, they will only have themselves to blame.

So, are you connected?

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