4 ways to solve your BT mobile signal problems

4 ways to solve your BT mobile signal problems

Poor cell phone signal is quite prevalent these days.  Low signal strength, or no mobile signal whatsoever, can be caused by different factors, such as any of the following.  Bad weather conditions: rain, strong winds, fallen trees, or combinations thereof.  The distance between you and the nearest cell tower. Building materials of the walls, windows, doors, etc., will also vary your signal strength.  Lastly, there could be a problem with the device itself, such as having old software, low battery output, your phone settings being awry, and more.

It can be incredibly frustrating dealing with your BT mobile signal problems, such as waiting for several minutes of your valuable time until your message gets delivered, or you finally manage to make a call with a good connection.  We have the answer to your mobile phone signal problems if you are using the BT mobile network for you phone.  Say “goodbye” to slow internet access, dropped calls, poor sound quality, stuck text messages and screens that seem to load endlessly, but have no productive outcome.  The BT network is a major provider of mobile services in the UK and has a well-deserved, good reputation, but users still experience irksome problems with their signal.  Some of the most common ones are low or no connection coverage, texting issues that go nowhere, and incomplete, or dropped calls.  There are several solutions worth trying about how to get better signal or also lost mobile signal issues and get the enhanced signal you want and need.

  1. Update your device’s software:

First of all, you can simply update your phone’s software, which will allow you to make use of new features and stay up-to-date with your device’s performance.  This will also help to clean up any bugs that can prevent you from having better signal.

2. Move closer to a cell tower:

If you are experiencing poor mobile signal and you can’t find the reason, it may be due to the distance you are from the nearest cell tower.  The best way to remedy this situation, is to decrease your distance, thus lessening your BT mobile signal problems, and increasing your mobile signal strength.

3. Use the SmartTalk app:

Another way to solve signal problems in general is to use the Wi-Fi calling service.  Unfortunately, BT network does not offer this service, so you can substitute the SmartTalk app, which allows you to make free calls implementing Wi-Fi.

4. Improve your signal by using a mobile signal booster

Last, but not least, is the best solution of all.  It’s a good idea to use a BT mobile signal booster to enhance your connectivity and signal strength.  No need for internet or Wi-Fi, no additional monthly payments, and you can use it as long as you wish.  The one-time purchase price is all that comes out of your pocket to have one, and use it forever.  There is no better answer on how to get better signal and also lost signal than a phone signal booster. 

Enjoy solving all your signal problems completely with a mobile signal booster and once again have the fast internet service and solid cell phone connections you need. Find out more on signal boosters in our comprehensive guide. It’s just that easy!


  • Mobile Signal Boosters 27.10.2022
    The signal problem you have faced might be connected to a the fact that the BT tower is further from your location than the O2 one was. Also, maybe around your location there are a lot of BT users and/or blocks on the way of the signal which gets to you. As a solution we offer mobile signal boosters. For more information reach us out by E-mail: [email protected] or call our 24/7 helpline Number: +44 20 3872 2770
  • Mobile Signal Boosters 27.10.2022
    The low signal maybe be because of many different reasons. You can do a speed test check for data or if you have a bad phone signal we will help you to get a booster for both services or any service you want. For more information reach us out by E-mail: [email protected] or call our 24/7 helpline Number: +44 20 3872 2770
  • Doyle 27.10.2022
    I have recently switched from O2 to BT. My first attempt a few minutes ago to make a call just out Sainsbury's in Helston failed because of no mobile coverage! I never experienced such an issue with O2. Is this an intermittent problem?
  • Mobile Signal Boosters 27.10.2022
    Some areas can have less coverage or less signal strength because of many factors ex. a lot of trees, far cell towers, a lot of users around, a lot of tall buildings. You will need to get a BT amplifier to make the signal faster and better. For more information reach us out by E-mail: [email protected] or call our 24/7 helpline Number: +44 20 3872 2770
  • A.hoque 27.10.2022
    Twickhenam bt mobile network Very low bed.
  • Marion Cooper 27.10.2022
    Recently I am not getting my usual mobile strength on receiving calls, have been in other areas and the strength is fine. Is there a problem with my local BT mast, my postcode is HP14 4EZ
  • Mobile Signal Boosters 27.10.2022
    The signal strenght for data you get from your service provider. We can help you with a booster which will literally take the better signal from outside, make it more powerful and reliable and bring it inside. So, it will improve the reception, will make the data more accessible, but you will need to get the strenght and the speed from your provider anyway. For further assistance please, contact us by email or call us and we will be glad to give you a recommendation: E-mail: [email protected] Number: +44 20 3872 2770
  • Mobile Signal Boosters 27.10.2022
    The mobile signal you get is not linked to your broadband and/or internet. Therefore, your phone signal might not work while you have a good internet connection. The reason you do not get a good signal might be because of a blocks you have in the area between the cell tower and your location, ex. many users, trees, high buildings. Please, contact us by email or call us and we will be glad to give you a recommendation: E-mail: [email protected] Number: +44 20 3872 2770
  • Mary 27.10.2022
    I am furious I keep getting interrupted and cut off when I do a video whatsapp call or recieve one.. Bt comes on and suGgests I put my hub code in...I do that and then it tries to sell me data GRRRRR
  • Alison Reeve 27.10.2022
    Our landline is working and internet but not our mobile phones. Can you tell me why?

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